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Monday, 29 March 2021 15:27

How a farmer almost got duped by a crafty scam

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Fraud Alert!!


Two days ago I got a call from a guy who said his name was "Mr Mashiri" 0712 128 *** n stated that  he works for a certain children's home in Bindura, and they wanted to buy the sugar beans that I had advertised.He said their buying price was $1550 obviously their offer was way more generous than what I was looking for, and I agreed to the deal and he said he would collect the beans, he hung up after I had given him my location and Address..

Yesterday in the morning "Mr Mashiri" calls and says unfortunately their donors no longer allowed them to deal in USD but they were offering rtgs at a rate of 1-140,, again this was way more than the prevailing black market rate, I agreed and asked him to send the money it was $434 000 rtgs,,

The whole day I waited for a notification from my bank and nothing came, At around 4pm I get a call from Mr Mashiri asking for exact directions to my place as his driver was getting lost, I checked my account again and still no money, At that moment ndopandakatanga kunyumwa, 

I told "Mashiri" to let his driver meet me at Sanganai shops then we go collect the beans at home,I was already at the shops with a colleague,,Sure enough in no time the "driver" arrived with another guy, who was a bit tall , slim , age I would say 26, The guy comes towards us holding an envelope , and states that He works with Mudhara Mashiri and had come to collect the beans also inside the envelope was the proof of payment,As soon as we open the envelope and look at the paper my colleague just utters haa this is fake!!


 Kungodaro chete the guy ran like the wind back into the truck and they quickly sped off, At this moment my colleague and I are laughing in shock , we were very lucky, Please let's be very careful Varimi and all those in Business vanhu vaya vatanga especially as harvest time is nearly upon us, Some will use different tricks fake USDs,fake transfers , etc, They will use old people , even women,Ngatingwarirei !!!

| Allan Zisanhi



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