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Monday, 07 June 2021 14:29

Artificial Insemination for Pigs

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This is a method that offers alternative to physical mating. This is simple process that can be done by trained personnel. The success of AI depends on:

👉Efficient heat detection

👉Availability of the inseminator during the heat period.

👉Synchronized heat of animals so that insemination is done in one period ( Flushing)

👉Low venereal disease transmission among the animals

👉The Length of heat period is very variable among sows/gilts. Ovulation always takes place when 70% of the length of a heat period has passed. 👉Knowledge of the specific heat period of a particular sow is necessary so as to optimize the moment of insemination/service.

👉Always serve or inseminate 24hours before ovulation

👉Take your time in the insemination process-Breeding is a little bit like an art. There can be a general process, but some sows or gilts take a longer or shorter time in the semen dose uptake when utilising conventional artificial insemination. A sign that the process is too quick is the occurrence of semen back flow. Slow down the process by elevating the end of the catheter.

👉Remember semen quality-Keep semen alive and strong. Semen temperature is important, too. “Semen must be stored between 61 degrees Faharenheit (16.1° C) and 64 degrees Faharenheit (17.8° C).Unpack semen doses before putting them in the refrigerator and store doses loosely and horizontally to allow for air circulation. Check temperatures in the storage unit daily, and when semen is removed for use, put it in an insulated container with gel packs to maintain temperature.

👉Choose the right females- Select gilts with good feet and leg structure

Control body condition, Consider using copper sulfate if you see major lameness issues coming from cracked hooves or

sole lesions.

Materials Required for AL

1. Pistolet

2. Thaw Monitors

3. Flask

4. Sheaths

5. AI Gloves

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