From Our Fields to Your Inbox: Common Mistakes Farmers Make

From Our Fields to Your Inbox: Common Mistakes Farmers Make

Hey farmers! Ever wondered what you might be missing or what common pitfalls to avoid? We recently asked this very question on Facebook, and the response was overwhelming! From seasoned veterans to enthusiastic newcomers, Zimbabwean farmers came together to share their insights.

So, buckle up and take notes, because we've compiled some of the most mentioned mistakes to keep your agricultural endeavors flourishing.

Planning & Management

  • Lack of a solid plan: This seems to be a major theme! Without a roadmap for your farm, it's easy to get lost in the weeds (pun intended).
  • Poor record keeping: Just like any business, keeping good financial records is essential for tracking progress and making informed decisions.
  • Absentee farming: Farming is a hands-on business. Spending too much time away from the land can lead to missed opportunities and problems snowballing.
  • Poor management: This broad term encompasses a lot, but it highlights the importance of effective leadership and organization on your farm.

Market & Finances

  • Lack of marketing strategy: Before you even plant a seed, consider who will buy your harvest. Failing to find a market for your crops or livestock can leave you with a surplus you can't sell.
  • Poor financial planning: This goes hand-in-hand with good record keeping. Knowing your budget and making sound financial decisions is crucial for any farm's success.
  • Not having enough resources: This could be anything from water scarcity to a lack of proper equipment. Carefully assess your needs before starting any project.

Land & Production

  • Neglecting pest and disease control: Proactive measures are essential to keep your crops and livestock healthy.
  • Skimping on inputs: Using low-quality seeds, fertilizer, or neglecting soil health can negatively impact your yields.
  • Improper storage: せっかく (sekkaku - Japanese for "せっかく" which means "せっかく" in English) you've grown a great crop, don't let it go to waste in poor storage facilities.  

People & Practices

  • Employing unqualified staff: While loyalty is great, having the right people with the right skills is essential for efficient farm operations.
  • Cellphone farming: Farming requires dedication and presence. Don't let your phone become a distraction.
  • Unrealistic expectations: Farming is a complex business with external factors at play. Be prepared to adapt and learn from both successes and failures.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list! The comments section of our Facebook post was a treasure trove of insights, so be sure to head over and join the conversation.

And a big thanks to all the farmers who shared their experiences! By working together, we can all learn and grow to become better stewards of the land. 




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