GMB Announces Timely Farmer Payments and Updated Market Prices

GMB Announces Timely Farmer Payments and Updated Market Prices

Harare, Zimbabwe – June 13, 2024: The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has released some big news on payments to farmers.

During the last week, USD 3.29 million has been released to all the farmers who have been delivering maize and other grains since April 1, 2024. As such, the present payments up to date with the Ministry's Treasury provide the needed assurance for the release of funds continually to support this critical function.

The GMB encourages farmers to continue supplying maize and all other grains, reassuring them of full payment within 21 days. They have further released the current market prices so that there is no ambiguity for farmers nationwide.

Market Prices:

Maize: USD 390 (USD Component: 390, ZiG Component: Nil
Traditional Grains: $390 (USD component: 390, ZiG component: Nil)
Sunflower: USD 696 (USD Component: 418, ZiG Component: Equivalent to USD 278)
Soybeans: USD 580 (USD Component: 348, ZiG Component: Equivalent to USD 232)

For more details, the public can contact the GMB Corporate Communications Department at +263 8677004941 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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