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Thursday, 20 April 2023 08:27

Successful farmers start with the WHY

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In the world of farming, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of one’s purpose in order to achieve success. A farmer’s “why” is the underlying motivation that drives their decisions and actions. Without a clear purpose or passion, farming can quickly become a struggle, and sustainable success may be harder to achieve.


One of the main reasons that a farmer’s “why” is important is that it is the foundation for their mission statement or business plan. A farmer must have a clear purpose in mind before they can successfully operate a farm. This statement or plan serves as a guide and is based on the farmer’s core values, beliefs, and goals. It is important to stick to this plan, as it helps a farmer stay on track and make decisions that align with their purpose.


Another reason why the “why” is so important is that farming is a tough industry. Weather patterns, market fluctuations, and trade regulations all pose significant challenges for farmers. By having a strong sense of purpose and passion, farmers are better equipped to face these challenges with resilience and determination. Motivation and creativity can often be the determining factor in a farmer’s success.


Moreover, the “why” can inspire farmers to innovate and improve their operations. An understanding of their purposes and core beliefs can allow farmers to think outside the traditional farming practices and explore new avenues. This can lead to new products or practices which can result in increased profitability and sustainability.


Successful farmers often start with the WHY because it creates a drive and focus that keeps them moving forward. It provides a sense of direction, purpose, and meaning. Without a “why,” farming can feel like just another job. But with a clear sense of purpose, farming can become a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle.



In conclusion, the “why” is critical for the success of farmers. By having a clear sense of purpose and motivation, farmers can create a mission statement or business plan, face challenges with resilience, and innovate to improve their operations. A strong “why” can be the difference between failure and sustainable success for farmers. Therefore, it is important for any farmer to start with the WHY.

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