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  • Brassica Stunting Disease
    Brassica Stunting Disease
    Brassica Stunting Disease (BSD) was identified in Bulawayo some 4 years ago by Talha Loonat, Starke Ayres Brassica Specialist.  It has since become a m...
  • ZMX Announces Commencement of Soya bean Trading
    Zimbabwe Mercantile Exchange (ZMX) announced that soya bean trading has commenced on their platform. The move is expected to bring soyabean farmers, b...
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    7 financial literacy tips for farmers
    Financial literacy is critical to farm business success. The starting point is, farmers need to create a balance on both production and business knowl...
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    Cauliflower Production Guide
    Site Selection Soils can be medium to heavy clay loam with good water holding capacity. Sandy soils tend to require more frequent irrigation cycles an...
  • Why Direct Marketing?
    Why Direct Marketing?
    Direct marketing is the best way to capture a greater percentage of the food dollar.   What do we mean by "direct marketing"? We're talking about getting...

The 2020-2021 season saw local wheat farmers produce 250 000tonnes against an annual requirement of 400 000tonnes. This resulted in a deficit of 150 000tonnes and created an opportunity for new and existing farmers to start or expand their farm businesses.


Russia and Ukraine account for nearly 30 percent of global wheat exports combined, and since war broke out two weeks ago, wheat prices have hit record highs, with food and agricultural experts warning of increased global food insecurity.

If you're a farmer interested in learning about wheat production and how to scale your farm business, or an aspiring farmer looking for the best practices in starting and growing your own farm, this is the event for you.

Hosted by Agribusiness Media, the webinar will feature expert speakers from SeedCo, Zimnat THI Insurance, and ZFC Limited, who will discuss everything from the fundamentals of wheat farming to tips on scaling your business. You'll also find out about available resources that can help get your business off the ground and running smoothly.

Be sure to join us this Friday at 10am.

The webinar is free; just add to your calendar.


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