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THE Zimbabwe Farmers Union is the largest farmers’ interest organization in Zimbabwe and it represents over a million farming households. It is a membership based organization (owned by farmers).
The affairs of the Association are coordinated by a Council elected by members and every effort is made to obtain representation from across the country.
Zimbabwe is a landlocked country with a surface area of 390 580 sq km, of which 3 910 sq km is under water. The major perennial rivers are the Zambezi, Save, Limpopo, Tokwe, Mazvikadei, Pungwe, Mukuvisi and Mazoe. The commercial fishery sector is concentrated in the major lakes of Chivero, ........
The Pig Producers’ Association of Zimbabwe was formed to serve the interests of pig producers, both large and small scale. Information on pig production, profitability and sustainability is shared between members so that the industry remains vibrant and viable.
Women in Agriculture Union WAU was established in September 2019 to operate as the umbrella/apex board for Zimbabwe women farmers and in the space of 3 months WAU had gained a membership of more than 1000 and still counting through its nationwide drive of free field schooling for women farmers.
Women in Agriculture Zimbabwe (WIAZ) Inspiring & Empowering Women In Agriculture
* To provide and facilitate the provision of technical extension, administrative support and advisory services to the union members through field days, shows and demonstrations, news letters, brochures and magazine.
The Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers (ZADF) was formed in 2013 to promote, advance and develop the production of milk and dairy products in Zimbabwe. The ZADF achieves this objective by advancing and protecting the interests of all sections and categories of milk producers and by so doing pla
The Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) promotes agriculture and its supporting activities and is the centre of excellence in facilitating agricultural development in Zimbabwe. The development that the ZAS seeks must, ultimately, have a positive contribution to rural development while improving live

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