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There are 6 key factors you need to consider when selecting the right equipment for your farm. These are (1) type of business, (2) soils, (3) size of operations, (4) capital, (5) operating costs and (6) performance.

Type of business

A cattle ranching business requires different machinery and equipment when compared to a poultry production business. Equipment like hay balers, spray races may not be necessary for a poultry farmer.

The same applies to a maize farm and a citrus farm, different machinery is required. List down the machinery and equipment needed for your farm business.


More lightly constructed equipment is meant for use in sandy soils whilst the stronger heavier equipment is used in heavier soils. Using light equipment on heavier soils reduces its lifetime. Presence of roots and or rocks may require the use of a disc plough than a mould-board plough. Steep slopes may also require that you use different equipment from that used on level land. Choose wisely.

Size of operations

Size of your farm operation may justify the purchase and use of tractors, combine harvesters, milking machines and other labour-saving machines/ or equipment. Likewise, small farm operations may eliminate the need for more expensive equipment.


Available capital determines the type of machinery to be acquired. Fewer funds may require you to purchase second hand or less complex machines. It may also mean hiring until you have raised enough capital for purchasing your own. With enough capital, more durable machines can be purchased.

You can pool resources with other farmers for community-owned machinery or equipment.

Operating costs

How much a machine requires to run when compared to alternatives is important in deciding on which type to acquire. Such costs include fuel, service, lubricants, and repairs. Would you buy a machine for a low price but with a high depreciating rate and high operating costs? Some equipment is expensive to buy but cheaper to maintain. Brand, durability and running costs are very important in making a decision on what to buy.


Each machinery or equipment must perform reliably under your field conditions which makes it a worth y investment. Tillage implements should prepare a satisfactory seedbed while conserving moisture, destroying early weed growth and minimizing soil erosion potential. Planters and seeders should provide consistent seed placement and population as well as efficient fertilizer application. Boom sprayers also should properly apply pesticides. Harvesting equipment must harvest clean, undamaged grain while minimizing field losses.

The performance of a machine often depend on brand and skill of the operator, or on weather and soil conditions. Nevertheless, differences among machines can be evaluated through field trials, research reports, and personal experience.

We have compiled suppliers of farm machinery and equipment for your reference. Listing is in alphabetical order.



Generators, solar biogas equipment


Farm equipment supplies and repairs

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs of farm machinery and equipment.


Tractors, combines, lorries, forklifts, front end loaders, trucks
Established in 1922 William Bain became a distributor of tractors and farm equipment.
Farm equipment sales
Suppliers of durable TAFE tractors, equipment and full back up service.
Afritractors is Zimbabwe’s sole distributor for Farmtrac, one of the largest tractor factories in the world, based on the previous Ford models.
AFGRI Equipment is an international supplier of agricultural equipment AFGRI Equipment is the pre-eminent agricultural and Golf and Turf equipment retailer in Africa and Western Australia. AFGRI Equipment offers the world’s leading equipment brands and back these brands by a business as good as
Official Distributor of Eicher Tractors
Croco Commercial is an authorised New Holland dealer. Get in touch with us for sales, genuine parts and service.

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