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Commercial feed, fodder, hay, supplements


Physical fitness is a general state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports or occupations.


Breeding and slaughter stock cattle, pigs, day old chicks, layers, chickens, rabbits, horses, goats, sheep and other


Structures, building materials, plans, repairs and maintenance of structures
Protecting, promoting and furthering the interests of those engaged in the Livestock and Meat Industry in Zimbabwe, ensuring the economic viability of the sector, and providing services and assistance to these Associations
Brown Engineering Group (Pvt) Ltd is a multi-disciplinary engineering company servicing the Agricultural, Mining, Structural, Pipe & Tank and Materials Handling Sectors.
Profeeds produces poultry, cattle, pig, goat, rabbit, horse and fish feed as well as dog food. At Profeeds we ensure we source the highest quality raw materials for feed production, use the latest formulations and manufacturing techniques to ensure a superior performing feed. Get growing today with
Promotion of production and marketing of pigs, artificial insemination, training, research, extension, genetic improvement
Pedigree livestock - also known as stud animals - are the seed stock of the livestock industry and is the basis of stud breeding.
Who We Are. WINDMILL is the largest 100% privately-owned fertilizer producer in Southern Africa outside South Africa with principal market in Zimbabwe while exporting its products mainly to Zambia and Malawi, and a certain amount to Mozambique with long term plans to pursue opportunities in the Dem
Animal feed suppliers.

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